Below are a few testimonials from Bébhinn’s clients.  This may help you to get a sense of what therapy is like, if you are ready to begin counselling, and if Bébhinn sounds like the therapist for you.


“I have been a client of Bebhinn for coming up 3 years and I can honestly say in that time she has helped me change my life for the better.  She is has an amazing ability to find connections in my sometimes “random” topics which that in my 40 ish years I had never seen. I try to see her in person every week however work/life/weather sometimes gets in the way and having the ability to call/Skype is a great alternative.  I love that she works from her home, I feel comfortable the second I come in the door…..and getting time with her adorable puppy is an added bonus.”

“I’ve been seeing Bébhinn for over a year now and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s warm, patient, incredibly understanding and instantly puts you at ease. She’s been hugely helpful for me in working to overcome certain issues, and I would strongly encourage anyone looking for someone to speak to reach out. Sometimes we don’t realise how much we need a kind ear until we actually take the step of talking to someone, and with Bébhinn you’ll always feel as if you have someone in your corner”
Bébhinn offers practical and perceptive therapy in a warm and welcoming environment. I had gone to other counselling previously but I had found that after an initial period of positive change I seemed to fall back into old patterns. Bébhinn really got below the surface and has helped me deal with the root causes of my issues. I have found since attending therapy with her I have finally broken free of some old and unhelpful thinking and I am much happier in who I am.

 “I began seeing Bébhinn this year in an effort to make sense of a complicated time in my life. Her sessions have provided insightful guidance and useful self reflection. Often looking past immediate situations and considering the whole picture. She is non judgemental and supportive and no topic is too big or small, she really puts you at ease. She provides a safe caring environment and sometimes just allowing yourself the time to calmly discuss an issue with a qualified professional brings clarity to things. I always come away from the sessions thankful I had taken the time to see her”

“The past year has brought about so many positive changes in my life, thanks to my weekly sessions with Bebhinn. Although she will say I did the work – I literally could not have got to this point without her.  I always feel so comfortable walking into that room, I don’t need a plan or an agenda, everything will just unfold naturally and we work through it at the right pace. Her warmth and intelligence creates such a lovely and safe environment.  A good  friend  gave me Bebhinn’s contact details when I was in a bad place and I too have recommended her to friends, that’s really the best endorsement.   I heard you need to see a few therapists before you find the right one, so meeting Bébhinn was a positive surprise! She is a great listener and understands me. Sessions with her keep me sane!”


“I initially started going to Bebhinn on several recommendations from a group that we were both members of.  I liked that Bebhinn was of a similar age to me, and found that she related to my life experiences better than other counsellors that I have used. I found that my weekly appointments were time for me, to be fully immersed in my path to greater self-development.  Bebhinn helped me to discover alternative routes to happiness, that before I would have been reluctant to consider.  I have confronted my worries and fears that I have hidden away for most of my adult life, I now feel that I am a happier and more content person since I started seeing Bebhinn. I would highly recommend Bebhinn to anyone who is looking for a counsellor or therapist”


“I’ve been attending sessions with Bébhinn for the last few months and the work we’ve done in just a short amount of time has been invaluable. I’m incredibly grateful to have found her. Bébhinn is both a great listener and also a very perceptive and engaging analyst who puts you right at ease from the very outset. It’s a uniquely conversational experience that makes working through difficult issues so much easier. I can’t recommend her enough!”


“I have thought about getting some counselling for years, but it wasn’t until this year that I took the plunge. I wish I had done it sooner. Working with Bébhinn and having her support and perspective throughout the last few months has been a gift. She is deeply attentive, somehow following along with the story of my complex life and characters therein. She is patient and kind, but also able to be really effective and draw sharp observations that help me see challenges from different perspectives. She provides an incredibly safe space where I can truly voice my fears and concerns and process them, without hesitation. And she’s really human; her personality shines through during our sessions and this makes the whole experience authentic. I would encourage anyone to do work on themselves with Bébhinn’s support, guidance and expertise”



“I never thought I would be someone that would ‘need’ therapy but a few things were happening in my life that I had begun to find overwhelming. Despite having really supportive family and friends I didn’t feel like I could open up to them about some of the things I was feeling so I turned to my trusted friends google and facebook, and found a recommendation for Bebhinn.  I was a bit sceptical at the start as I hadn’t done anything like it before but from the very first email I could tell that she was extremely professional and passionate about what she does and was at ease the minute I walked through the door for my first session. Although there were some tough things to talk about and work through I always looked forward to our sessions and knew that I could be totally open without fear of being judged in any way and would leave there each week feeling better with a new outlook or strategy to deal with whatever we had talked about. Going to see Bebhinn has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I have made and I would encourage anyone who is considering therapy to give her a shout”


“After doing my first few sessions in person with Bébhinn and building up a rapport with her, it was incredible to move to phone based sessions. I lead a really busy lifestyle and it’s not always feasible to make time to visit in person, but keeping aside an hour to disconnect from life and chat with Bébhinn is something I always treasure. Because we have been working together for so long, it feels really valuable to set aside this time and talk things out with her. It’s like talking to one of your friends, but who’s qualified and will call you on your shit! Imagine having someone who cares about you, but who is professionally qualified to give you the right, non judgemental support, and will help you out. I will be talking to Bébhinn until I’m 90, if she’ll have me”  


“As a young person with clinical depression and anxiety, I’ve been bouncing around the healthcare system for years seeking support. At the best of times, the focus was always on my medication rather than the whole spectrum of treatment: at the worst of times I was just told to get more exercise and cheer up!
I was quite jaded with therapy by the time I came across Bébhinn’s website a year ago, but as soon as I went to that first appointment I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Bébhinn is a deeply understanding and caring person who has been through so many of the problems that I’m facing. 
She has given me so much concrete advice and support, she has coached me through the most difficult times, she has gone above and beyond to make me feel supported and understood. She feels like a friend and mentor that I can rely on, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her.
Of course I have to give an honourable mention to her new puppy Ziggy, who brightens the day of everyone who walks through the door. Therapy can be hard sometimes, so having a little wagging bundle of joy there to remind you of all the good things in life is important for everyone involved. He is definitely a budding therapy dog and a very good boy!”



If you wish to book a psychotherapy session with Bébhinn please email bebhinnfarrelltherapy@gmail.com.  You can also find her on facebook and twitter via the icons below.


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