Worksheet – Finding your Tribe

I found this exercise in a book I’m loving right now called “Evolution of Goddess” by Emma Mildon.  I frequently talk about the need to “find your tribe” but it’s often hard to figure out not just how to do that, but what it even means.  I’ve posted the exercise below.  If you enjoy and want more like it, check out the book at your nearest bookshop! (This is not a sponsored post)

Enjoy!  Love Bébhinn x




Okay, so you have seen a family tree before, right? A map with branches out of it of people related or connected to you. Well, imagine a mind map version – made up of all the branches that make you you.

  • Start with a blank piece of paper with your name in the middle of it


  • Then, surrounding your name, write three to six key elements that have made you who you are. This could be your family, friends, experiences, your personality, interests, beliefs, goals and dreams.  You can add more sub-branches as your ideas about yourself begin to flow and grow.


  • Don’t be afraid to circle key or repeating words, or draw lines to link themes. Doing this will help you unearth new relationships about things that you feel are essential to yourself and your personal growth.  You can use different colours for different themes, use images, or even create illustrations to help graphically map yourself.


Next is your tribe.  Doing the mind map exercise allows you to see like-minded people popping up in your life.   You’ll share passions, interests and both be curiously stepping out in the same direction.  You’ll recognise them from like-minded conversation. Being in their company will be easy. Most importantly, you’ll know it’s the right company because you will leave feeling all the better for it.  You will leave their company feeling inspired, motivated and energised, rather than drained.

Your tribe will grow and expand in accordance with your own personal growth and expansion. As with the cycle of all things, old friends may organically fall away making room for the growth of new friendships and relationships.  Allow people to ebb and flow through your life.  Acknowledge each like-minded person as they show up, and the lessons they bring you – some hard, some fun.  You’ll vibe with some movements and energies, not so much with others.  That doesn’t make one energy better than the other.  Every energy has it’s place.


Slowly but surely, find and embrace your tribe!


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