The BEST Beginner’s Session of Yoga for Stress Relief

So this, I just had to share. While it can be quicker and easier to reach for a glass of red wine at this time of year, this short and gentle yoga set can do wonders. While the website has lots of videos that need to be paid for, this one is free, gentle, and pretty perfect if you have a half hour to spare. And if you’re still surrounded by people at home, run up to your room and grab some well-earned you time!

If you find lying flat down at the end is uncomfortable (like I did – thanks bad back!), just move onto your side or into ‘child’s position’, which is the position in the picture above. Actually, if at ANY point, you feel sore, move yourself into a more comfortable position. This is all about stress relief, and that never needs to be a ‘more pain, more gain’ situation.

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